Learning to knit

Recently I’ve relearned to knit. As for crochet, my mother taught me when I was younger. I made a stockinette scarf that took me ages to complete, because I rarely worked on it, and then I never knit again…

I think that with knitting and crochet, the tricky part is to keep your interest, and to keep working, you’ll only get better with practise. For me it is extremely important to keep learning new techniques and to try new and exciting patterns. When I first learned these crafts I did not understand that there were an imense number of things that were possible to do: beautiful lace shawls, funky colored scarfs, mittens and hats, sweaters that fit you perfectly. My mom had taught me the basics in knitting and in crochet, but without a great pattern to use them, meh…. I gave up.

But to make sure it does not happen to you:

1. My first advice: enroll in Ravelry! This site has a huge database of patterns. I also used it for crochet, but for knitting this database is even larger. Here you can also contact designers, people that have already knit/crochet the pattern you were looking for and might help you. There are discussion forums where you can ask for help, etc, etc….

2. There is nothing you can’t do! Don’t be intimidated by the cryptic language in which the patterns are usually written. When in doubt, search the internet! There are tons of increases/decreases and other crazy abreviations… If you don’t know what it means, try googling it. Every time I do it, I not only get to know what it means, as well as find pictured/drawing tutorials, and even two or three youtube videos explaining the particular stitch.

To encourage you to try, here are my first knitted projects on ravelry:

WIP photo: leaf detail. The yarn used was Katia maxi merino


Slouchy cabled hat from Phildar #58 magazine. The yarn used was Katia gales.


Beanie from the Purl bee. The yarn used was Katia maxi merino.


Purl bee garter gator cowl, using Katia maxi merino.


Cowl using Bucos yarn from Retrosaria.


I hope these projects will inspire you to start learning. There are a huge number of resources for knitting online, the hard part is choosing where to start.


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